What we do?

  • Advice on planting in combination with water, light and temperature requirements and adaptations.

  • Advice on the planting schedule. Knowledge about several systems and solutions.

  • An interior landscaper designs the look and feel of the plant object or wall.

  • Knowledge of which plants will thrive and how plants will develop are basic aspects of a planting design.

  • The interior landscaper not only takes care of the planting, but also implements all hardware, irrigation systems, and -if necessary- lighting.

  • Keeping plants and trees happy, healthy and shining also requires extensive knowledge about the plant, its growing conditions, ways to fight diseases.

  • Interior landscapers very often offer maintenance contracts with a 100% plant guarantee.

What our client says...

"TopPlants helped us in selecting plants and also supported throughout installation process."

"We already had plants in our office but maintaining them was always difficult and challenging, until TopPlants comes to our help."

"Honestly we never knew that, there are so many varieties of indoor plants, pots, and planters. Thank you team TopPlants for making our working place greener and alive."

"TopPlants made it easy for us in selecting plants, pots, and planters. They are also maintaining it from day one."

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Design Inspiration

Vertical walls/ garden

Moss wall

The modern moss walls will inspire you to add lush greenery to your spaces. These pre-made moss panels with different types moss and natural elements.

Green Wall

We specialize in the design and installation of small to large commercial custom vertical living walls offering various wall systems to suit both your environment and your budget.

Plant Wall

Custom plant walls designed and planted for your needs only. It not only adds value to spaces but also elevate the overall ambiance.

Floor Plants

Pot Plants

Basic top quality natural plants with in-house engineered planting media and full grown plants. Best for small to large office spaces.

Designer Planters

Add little punch to your spaces and boost aesthetics with our wide range of designer pots and planters.

Custom Planters

Bring forest to your space or add plants as you like with our horticultural expertise.

Office Spaces

Waiting Lounge

Your visitors/ clients will be delighted with natural greenery and boost their mood while you plan for next big leap.

Breakout Area

High positions comes with high responsibilities, carry positive energy and give some break to stress being with nature.


Cafeteria can be good place to exchange new ideas and many good things can be happen over cup of coffee. Breath some fresh air.

Extra embellishment

Room Divider

Create more space by adding natural plant divider. These prefabricated dividers can be moved as per your requirement.

Office Storage

Get beautiful plants to fit in your office storage. We have all types of plants which can be fit into your storage.

Specimen Display

Specimen plants are carefully grown over years to fulfill special design needs. Even single plant can add whole new meaning to interior space.

Specialty Products

Ginseng Bonsai

Ginseng bonsai are celebrated around the globe. They are hardy, easy to care, and easy to grow.


Terrarium is sealed plants in a bowl or glass jar, it can be opened for plant care. It is made for mimicking the whole ecosystem at miniature scale.


Kokedama is rooted in ball of soil with moss wrapped around it. We can supply wide varieties of Kokedama plants.